About adam Mathieu

When I was three I sat in a dark theater and watched The Empire Strikes Back in all the 1997 re-release glory. As I witnessed the Empire’s AT-ATs stomping on Hoth, I became very aware of the power of the screen. This was my first education of taking a fantastical idea and making it real. Taking it a step further it was then that I realized we are allowed to project these crafted images for audiences. I blame learning that power of imagery and make-believe for what became a burgeoning interest in photography, film, design, and writing.

My desire to create is what encouraged me to obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of South Florida, with a focus in photography and minor in English and American Literature. It goes without saying, but being an art major I needed income beyond my scholarships to fund my education. To meet that financial need and maintain some semblance of creativity, I became the Multimedia Editor at The Oracle, USF’s student newspaper. Balancing my art education with a media job I developed skills and knowledge reflective of both a fine art and commercial background.