Evanescent or: The Dissipation of Memory

In Evanescent or: The Dissipation of Memory I set out to construct a mound of sand that stands equal to my height. In creating the work I set out to explore themes such as memory, passage of time, and death. The performance originated as I began to concern myself with the idea that the deterioration of memory, like many facets of nature, is unavoidable. I was particularly interested in the notion that by losing memories of those who have died, that their identity too vanishes. The sand sculpture serves as representation of these memories and their fragility.

As I erect the sculpture I repeatedly see it crumble, forcing me to revisit parts I had already built. Further complicating my task are the waves that are constantly eroding the sand as the water pushes and pulls at the sculpture’s base. The division of the structure into handfuls of sand speaks to our nature of pulling memories to construct lives. Eventually though the sculpture as a whole will wither away and become indistinguishable from the sand surrounding it. This unavoidable fate mirrors how we too must succumb to elements of time and nature.