On Loss / by Adam Mathieu


Artists can have many different themes or subjects they revisit over and over. I’m one of those artists that keeps talking about death. To get specific, it’s always someone I knew and how it sticks with me.

Joe, my brother, died 11 years ago to this day.  I’ve used art as a means to air out the sadness, guilt, and questions that have been in my mind since that day. Sometimes it actually helps. Other times it doesn’t make a lick of difference.

I’ve mostly stuck with performances about his death to help me come to terms with the loss. Of course, I don’t anticipate any one thing to reconcile this loss but I do believe it helps me deal with it in piecemeal.

This Cyanotype was made in 2015 and it was my quick attempt to show the loss of a family member. In this case two younger brothers losing the eldest. I want to say the inspiration came from a line in the Arcade Fire song “In The Backseat”:

“My family tree's

Losing all it's leaves

Crashing towards the driver's seat

The lightning bolt made enough heat

To melt the street beneath your feet”