Taking Down the Pole that Killed My Brother

The performative work Taking Down the Pole that Killed My Brother is a video documented performance in which I allow myself to enter the narrative of my brother’s death. In the video I have tied a rope around a wooden telephone pole; the structure standing in for the pole my brother’s car crashed into during his fatal accident. I begin to pull on the rope, attempting to take the pole down, committing myself to using all of my strength. As the video progresses I begin resorting to many variations in which I can pull as I search for nonexistent method in which I could actually remove the pole. Similar to other performative works I have done, this video contains themes of futility, endurance, and the act of failure. In the video I continue to attempt to take down the pole for approximately ten minutes, repeatedly attempting an impossible act. Despite the many ways I try and the amount of strength I exert there exist no possible way to redeem his death and allow myself a victory.