You Don’t Belong Here


You Don’t Belong Here is an ongoing series of images in which I explore how natural views have been disturbed by the man-made. This exploration primarily examines scenes in which the man-made has crept into a natural landscape. Often this can be a glimpse of a man-made object atop an otherwise natural scene. However, sometimes the man-made has so drastically buried the natural landscape that all we see is a glimpse of what was the original view.

Man Hole, 2018

Abandoned Beach Wedding, 2019

Abandoned Beach Wedding, 2019

Reflector, 2018

Beach Rust, 2018

Vegas Skyline, 2018

In Development, 2016

Open Road , 2017

Open Road, 2017

Clingman’s Bridge,  2017

Clingman’s Bridge, 2017